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It has been two years now since I’ve done my research “The Art of Cybridism” thanks to the grant that Funarte gave to me. At that time, I used the concept created by Giselle Beiguelman to describe the state of being between networks (on and offline) and did a sociological mosaic about the context of the Brazilian new media art production. Giselle helped me to select the artists which, somehow, could represent the interest in the use of open source formats or in the close connection between technological production and general public.

The interviews that I did not only explore the works of each artist, but give a little more details about Brazilian contemporary art scene. It is interesting to notice the concerns about how to preserve electronic art works that were pointed out by Mariana Manhães in our talk, or the death of the romantic conception of what an artist is described by Fernando Velázquez. The research is not just about the artists who use the technologies as a medium, but also how they are inserted in a local panorama.

Here, in NY, to my Masters, I am researching how to give a step further in what was published about cybridism and to start a new conversation with the art world of North hemisphere. For this, I am dismembering the terminology (cyber + hybrid), conceptualizing the technology ubiquity, defining the public sphere that we are inserted, and understanding what is the identity of someone living in this reality. Cybridism is much more than a concept, it is a state. Today we are cybrids, which generates several other questions: who are we? Where are we? And how do we relate with this environment?

The idea is to develop a method to be used to analyze new media art. Using this concept, will be easier to understand the emergent production and how it was created. At the end, the process is more important than the output itself.

I will post here my discoveries, which will be the continuation of the studies that I began in 2010. And let’s see what will happen. 😉

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